About the UK Coal Forum

"The Government will convene a coal forum to bring together coal-fired generators, coal producers and suppliers, power plant suppliers, trade unions, small businesses and other parties in order to help them to find solutions to secure the long-term future of coal-fired power generation and UK coal production. The forum will facilitate dialogue within the industry and work to ensure that we have the right framework, consistent with our energy policy goals, to secure the long-term contribution of coal-fired power generation and optimise the use of economical coal reserves in the UK."

(DTI Energy Review 2006)

The Coal Forum is a body set up as an arena where important issues facing the industry can be discussed, with Government participation, in an open manner.

The Forum consists of an independent chairman and senior representatives from the coal mining industry, electricity generators, unions, equipment suppliers, others involved in the industry, and Government, including the Devolved Administrations. Membership is by invitation only and is on a personal basis.